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  1. im on 5.12.35 now via the docker upgrade, is 5.11.50 the latests one you can go to? Either way, 5.12.35 seems OK
  2. looks ok now - I'm getting no cert errors any more
  3. I'm getting an ssl error when browsing the forum too
  4. Downloaded an appliance image of Zabbix network monitor from https://www.zabbix.com/download_appliance I have the qcow2 image in my VM directory in a subdirectory called zabbix. Ive then tried to create a new VM, using Ubuntu as the template - xml below. The VM starts, but I can't seem to get a VNC connection to it, logs don't show any errors, so not really sure where to look? Log and XML for the vm are attached, I have another Centos VM running, and that seems ok, plus Windows 10 and OSX. vm.log vm.xml
  5. have a read of this.. https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/408308/why-are-vms-in-kvm-qemu-called-domains
  6. I uninstalled snmp plugin as suggested and that seems to have resolved it i uninstalled it, then started one docker container at a time, started kvm to check, proved good, so stopped kvm, started the next docker (keeping the first going) and went through that with all of the containers and they are running, and i can stop kvm and the start again with no error. thanks for the advice on that, would never have put it down to a plug in, I’ve had snmp running for a long time, although there are problems with it, as the system won’t start it on boot, I have to reinstall it every time I boot
  7. Reboot is fine, I was assuming that kvm starts before docker? once I reboot, and kvm is running, if I then stop kvm, it won’t start Reboot again will work which is what got me thinking kvm starts before docker hence works on reboot
  8. Docker containers also seem to not want to stop when kvm is stopped, if I start kvm, even though it complains about libvirt, I can at least stop a docker container.
  9. Same prob. I started at the top of my list of containers, and enabled the first one and the problem happened. disabled that again, and then tried the second container and so on. I’ve not done them all, but it seems like any one container
  10. sorry, forgot - uploaded now - at the time, KVM was running along with docker, so I stopped KVM, started it again, and got the error message
  11. Been messing about with VM's all day, and at the moment I have a problem starting KVM. If I reboot the machine, all is fine, kvm starts. If I stop KVM, and then restart it, the VMs tab appears, but clicking on it gives me a Libvirt Service failed to start error. in the system log I get the error /mnt/cache/vms/system/libvirt/libvirt.img is in-use, cannot mount If I disable docker, then start KVM, that works ok. If I enable docker, but don't enable any containers - that's also OK, but if I start a container, then I get this problem. Any idea why this happens? nas-diagnostics-20191110-0031.zip
  12. running a 2700 (non x) and its been fine - as others, just bought a cheep passive cooled GPU to enable it to boot.
  13. removed the security from the Time Machine share and made it public, reconnected it to the Mac, and I can see it now in time machine, will mess about with security settings and see where I go.
  14. I have the SMB settings set, and my export is set to Time Machine on the share - I just can't get time machine on the Mac to see it. It was all working fine on 10.14 before I clean installed and has been great for the past 3 years - usually I do an in place upgrade but now and then I like to clean the machine, its been 4 years or so since I did a clean install. This time I wiped the machine and installed clean (I do every few years) so not sure if the clean install is causing anything I may restore my disk image before I wiped the machine and do an in place upgrade just to see if it works ok then
  15. Done a clean install of Catalina today, and am trying to get time machine running again. I remember a thread a while back about SMB, and the suggestion that fixed it for me was to re mount the time machine share and I could then see the share in time machine and use it to backup. Im back at that stage again, and I've mounted, un mounted a few times the share, there is a command to enable the os to backup to an 'unsupported' volume... defaults write com.apple.systempreferences TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1 and ive entered that, but still can't see the mounted time machine share from unraid to be able to back up to it.. Anyone have it working? Thanks