LLDP would be a godsend - please can we have it?

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Hi Guys,


You can tell whether a techie is network-centric because they always want to ssee stuff like LLDP in use everywhere !


It's supported on most distributions, and well documented, and relatively low risk, please can we have it on Unraid?

As far as I can tell - as a multi-server for multiple years owner - it's about the only thing missing from Unraid.


I know I could run up a VM or (if I knew how) a docker perhaps, but that's a fudge & I'm not so keen on fudges as they always end up biting you.


Nerd tools seems like the obvious place for it.

It's so useful to confirm what's connected to what - "is it in the right port?" is sometimes the MOST important question, saves hours sometimes.

Bit like the picture attached (only with all thelldp.thumb.png.e7f031ef9b3db3239d00622bda6f6869.png information intact of course!)

Any chance maybe, pretty please?


keep up the brilliant work.



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I found a few dockers on Dockerhub, as searched in "Apps".


One working version (signed) is:


You need to run it with network configured as "host".

It will grab some info & present it - such as the original hostname etc

You can add variables or adjust the ones provided.

Works as expected on my 3 unraid servers.



Still would be nice to have it as part of Nerd tools, where it really belongs, but this will do until then.


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1 hour ago, salvdordalisdad said:

Still would be nice to have it as part of Nerd tools, where it really belongs, but this will do until then.

Nerd tools is a Community Plugin, you should ask the maintainer in the support thread.

This section is for requests to be integrated by Lime Technology on the core Unraid.

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I' am allso dearly miss LLDPd as a core feature of unraid. Imho it should be a "normal" item in any Software Distribution witch is leaning towards networking. 

Or infrastructure. 

UnRaid is doing both according to my understanding 

Would be very happy to hear this as a added feature




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