Help to choose between two very different options:

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I have narrowed it down to two options that are working out to cost about the same:


1)     Ryzen 5700G + Asus Pro WS X570 – ACE


-        Feels more like a server board (as in it doesn’t run too hot and looks like the better option to be left on 24/7)

-        PCI-E lanes are not shared (I can run two NVMEs @ 64Gbps as well as many other things)

-        Processor consumes less energy whilst idle (which it will be most of the time)

-        EEC ram support


-        See pro’s of other board


2)     I7 11700k + Asrock Z590 Tachi


-        A lot of positivity towards this board and Unraid

-        A lot of positivity towards Intel from Unraid and Plex (which I will be using, but not transcoding)

-        Comes with everything I will need so won’t have to add on 2.5 Lan ports etc


-        See pro’s of other board      



I primarily will be using for plex but will also run a Windows VM to do audio converting and video remixing as well as other things in the future. I will be doing large transfers. I will not be installing a GPU for now as both options support onboard graphics.


Any thoughts on which way would be the best way to go?

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