Duplicated Devices - Need Some Help Please.

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Just noticed the other day when I lost the share in Windows, that my Unassigned device is duplicated and eating up my storage. I stopped everything, dockers and array. It gave 2 red Xs, one to delete partition and one to clear disk. It doesn't look like any of those are good for my situation. I tried unplugging it and rebooting didn't work. I've attached an image. The bottom one was my original one.


Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.



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1 hour ago, trurl said:

The screenshot is simply showing you the Unassigned Device, and below that, all the partitions on that Unassigned Device. In your case, there is just the one partition. Looks normal to me.

Stupid me...LOL Never seen it that way before. I would I get windows to pick it back up? It dropped it from Windows, I was doing a few reboots and that could have caused it. I can see all the other stuff from the server in Windows explorer except that drive. Might be able to add a new location.  Thank you!!

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