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  1. Badboy

    Paid Support Assistance

    Hi Everybody, Can anyone recommend someone who offers paid support for Unraid? I know Unraid does, but been waiting for a few weeks with no response. I know they are busy, and paid support is probably not a priority. I need to get this done. Thank you Randy
  2. Badboy

    Paid Support

    Thanks very much. Sent a message.
  3. Badboy

    Paid Support

    Thanks, sent a direct support contact. Nobody responded.
  4. Badboy

    Paid Support

    Hi Everybody, Can anyone tell me if paid support is still offered? The links are dead. Thanks
  5. Badboy

    Random Reboots

    Yes, I did turn troubleshooting mode on. Thank you. FYI: I did have a reboot issue before I put the PSU on. Thanks guys for your input. Here's my PSU Details APC 001,032,0751 DATE 2018-05-16 14:50:47 -0400 DRIVER USB UPS Driver UPSMODE Stand Alone STARTTIME 2018-05-14 20:53:48 -0400 MODEL LX1500GU STATUS Online LINEV 119.0 Volts LOADPCT 22.0 Percent BCHARGE 100.0 Percent TIMELEFT 43.0 Minutes MBATTCHG 10 Percent MINTIMEL 10 Minutes MAXTIME 0 Seconds OUTPUTV 119.0 Volts DWAKE -1 Seconds LOTRANS 100.0 Volts HITRANS 139.0 Volts ALARMDEL 30 Seconds NUMXFERS 0 TONBATT 0 Seconds CUMONBATT 0 Seconds XOFFBATT N/A SELFTEST OK STATFLAG 0x05000008 SERIALNO QARGU2000984 NOMINV 120 Volts NOMPOWER 900 Watts
  6. Badboy

    Random Reboots

    Hi Everybody, Getting random reboots. Going to put the advanced troubleshooter on. The system is only 2 months old. You guys can tell me what to post next time it happens. Here's a little info: Server Specs 32 gigs ram ECC Ryzen 8 core processor Asrock x370 pro 4 board 5 – 10TB Seagate Drives 1 250g Samsung on m.2 Thermaltake Core W200 Dual System Capable Extreme Water Cooling XL-ATX Fully Modular/Dismantle Stackable Tt Certified Super Tower Computer Case CA-1F5-00F1WN-00 5 Fans installed. 750w corsair power supply I have a CyberPower 1500VA /900W PSU I think I'm using a Nextech 16g Flashdrive. - I have ran a mentest with 0 errors - Disabled C6-State for the Ryzen Cpu - Running the Latest version of Unraid (6.5.1?) - Drives are keeping a steady Temperature Router Asus RT AC5300 (Merlin Firmware) Not running many apps. Sonarr NZBGetVPN Plex, few other ones Haven't loaded it up until I'm sure it's going to run without constant issues. I'm thinking power supply, maybe flashdrive?? The other thing is, it just doesn't like the Ryzen CPU. Could still be a number of things, even a bad drive. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  7. Badboy

    [Support] binhex - NZBGet

    Hi Guys, I'm using NZBGetVPN, nice app. Does anyone know if you can put a kill switch on this? Does it alrady have one built in? What command would I use to see what ip it is connected to just to verify it's working? Thanks
  8. Badboy

    CyberPower ok to use with Unraid?

    Thanks Blindsay, I figured it out after I posted. Stupid me. It works!? Was kind of sweating there for a bit. I hope this stops the random reboot. I think I have finally fixed the cpu issues with my Ryzen 1700x. I was having major issues when I was using Freenas. It was the best thing that could have happened. This is a great OS system. Problems I have now are a lot easier to fix. I love my Nas once again.
  9. Badboy

    Docker Ips

    Thanks very much for the details. Will give it a go a little later.
  10. Badboy

    Docker Ips

    Thanks for the reply Ken-ji. I do have the latest version of unraid. My question is can I separate then the way I want to. In general how do I go about that? Thanks again
  11. Badboy

    Docker Ips

    Hi Guys, I know this is probably posted somewhere, but I've been reading conflicting material. It looks like it depends on the version of unraid you are on. I would like to put Sonarr and NZBGetvnp dockers on their own ip without disrupting everything else. The one thing I appreciate about this system is you can run everything through the same ip address. Makes for less conflicts. Let me explain my purpose for wanting to do this. I have PIA vpn. I want to just connect these dockers to it through my router, which is running Merlin Firmware. All the other stuff will have the full bandwidth speed. I did have my VPN settings plugged into NZBGetvpn, but for some reason it didn't work or it disconnected. Little bit gun shy right now keeping it the way it is.
  12. Badboy

    CyberPower ok to use with Unraid?

    Just bought a PSU CyberPower 1500va 900w. I know, I seen the recommended requirements for APC after I plugged it in. Right now I just have the power cord from the Unraid unit pl;ugged in, as well as the desktop. Do I connect this to the unraid machine in any other manner? What do I use for settings in the PSU section? Little bit lost here, not to mention mad because I normally buy APC, but didn't feel like running around. Hopefully I didn't waste my time. Thanks for your time.
  13. Badboy

    VPN With Docker

    Hi, I would like to to say that the people in this forum have a lot more class. No offence FREENAS I have the NzbgetVPN docker by Binhex installed. I would like to be able to tell if the vpn part is working. Could any please help me out with the command line that would show me the docker is connected to the vpn? Thanks
  14. Badboy

    Newbie Here! Formatting Question

    Thank you. Kind of thought there was a reason. Until I get the hang of this system I'd rather be safe than sorry. Much appreciated.
  15. Badboy

    Newbie Here! Formatting Question

    Thanks for response. I just ran a format on the 4 main drives because they were unmounted. It looks like there's still some data on them. I have attached a screenshot.