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  1. Update: I think it is Cyberghost draining my internet connections for some reason. I have 1gig down and 30up. As soon as NZBget starts downloading I start losing my internet. Not sure what to think at this point.
  2. Hi, Very strange situation going on I can’t figure it out. I used the reset button on the ISP box, and rebooted the devices to see if it fixed the problem. Nope. Running Xpenology as a VM in Unraid. VPN Server is not on. I left all settings default when I connected Cyberghost. I have Cyberghost connected following these instructions. FYI: No kill switch in place. Here’s the problem, when I start the VM up now with the apps running it last
  3. Hi, Sorry, never noticed this post. I ended up using an Asus x470 board with a Ryzen 12 core CPU. Thanks for the input.
  4. Hi, Not sure if this is possible with Wireguard, but I've been looking at other vpn alternatives because the VPN keeps shutting down the internet instead of just shutting down the dockers. I have Openvpn, Nordvpn with Merlin Firmware on my Asus RT Ac5300. I have Sonarr, Radarr and NZBget attached to it on their own. Is this type of setup possible with WireGuard and Cyberghost? I just moved to Cyberghost. Does anybody have this type of setup and how did you do it? Thank you.
  5. Hi Everybody, Trying to get Qutscloud installed as a vm, there's a few apps I liked when I owned a Qnap. Anybody have any success installing this? What settings and VM template did you use? Thank you.
  6. Hi, I have my router bridged with my iISP box. Internet speed is 360mbps down, 30 up. I have setup a 10 gig connect between my Unraid server and my deskstop for transferring a little faster. In general it does work., obviously not going to get great speeds but it is better then it was. I was having network issues and discovered that my ip had changed which was ok, but I also discovered that the bridge connection was not active on the iSP box. After fixing that I did a speed test and the desktop speed test was only 94 mbps down which is slow for my internet speed. I'm assuming this
  7. Sorry, switched to Nzbget and solved the issue. Not sure exactly what broke Sab.
  8. I know this is an old post, but I thought this would help someone else. I spent hours trying to get my router to pickup the custom Br0 ip I was setting for Nordvpn in the Merlin firmware. I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't show up until I came across the Unmask setting, changed it to 000 and connected instantly to the ip. Never had this issue with any other docker except the NZBget. That setting needs to be more visible on install.
  9. Hi, For some strange reason as soon as I turn Sabnzb (linuxserver version) on it shuts the internet down. It has been setup the same way for a long time. Own ip address - connected to Nordvpn. Still does it with Nordvpn off. It is acting like a firewall is kicking in but not seeing any blockage for it. Have a ASUS Router RT-Ac5300 on Merlin Firmware - Firmware is up to date. In the router logs I found this. I know it's related to Nord, not sure fully what it means. Sep 6 01:57:04 ovpn-client1[17461]: TLS: tls_process: killed expiring key Sep 6 01:
  10. No, but I think it might be my 4tb WD drives. I wiped one off, haven't had a chance to shut the server down to try it. Just going to plug it direct into my last sata slot on the board. See if unraid sees it to add it to my pool. I can't test with a current drive and the LSI card because my cables are not long enough. Have to go buy some. The drives could explain why this card will not pick them up. I will let you know what happens. Hopefully help someone else. By all indications this card should work, green light flashing, I see it in the boot up screen, Unraid sees it in the iommu. Firmw
  11. I will go and try that shortly. Good idea...Thank you.
  12. All I'm trying to do is connect 4 drives inside my case. Not working too well for some reason. LOL.. Something is off somewhere. Plug the main cable into 1 of the 2 main ports, run the 4 cables to the drives and Bob's your uncle. Beginning to think it's something in Unraid this time and not the card or cables.
  13. Sorry, let me just clarify. I wanted to see if I could even add a disk to my current array. I have one sata port left on the motherboard so I plugged a drive into that slot with a single cable. After I rebooted I couldn't find the drive. When you stop the array the unassigned window comes up to assign another drive to the array. The drive I just connected is not there. I'm using a Blue cable instead of red, shouldn't matter.
  14. Here's something strange. I have 1 sata port left on the board, so i decided to test one of the drives by plugging it in direct, stopping the array and adding the drive. The drive won't show up. The only one that shows is the mounted one under assigned devices. Not sure if something is shutoff or not. I don't think so, but this could explain why the controller drives don't show. Any ideas?