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  1. With the number of drives you have, do you spin them down when not in use? I never have, my thought it is more wear an tear on starting them backup. Even my desktops I never shut them down, might put them into sleep mode.
  2. That's a very good point!!! Didn't think about that. I shut my Qnap down after backups because I don't use it for anything anyway. I will just have to remember to disconnect when finished with the backups. Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it.
  3. Not going to attach those drives to the raid. Going to add them as unassigned devices.
  4. Hi Johnnie, Let's just say these 4 10TB drives are full and the data is important. As of right now would this one parity drive be ok? I do backup most of this data on a small Qnap and additional desktop drives. At some point I'm going to move the backup drives to the Unraid server, I want to consolidate everything into one for better transfer speeds and save on power. I use a Thermaltake case which can house 20 drives.
  5. Hi everybody, I have (4 - 10 TB) drives and (1 - 10 TB ) parity drive. I'm just curious, at what point or number of drives should I consider having a second parity drive? I know I'm a ways off from worrying about that just yet. Is there a general rule?
  6. Thanks for the input John. Appreciate it.
  7. Hi, I need to add more drives and my sata ports are used up. I would like a 6 port expansion card with raid support. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have a Asrock x370 killer sli board. Thanks
  8. thanks, I have pro license.
  9. Hi, I have a Qnap I'm thinking on selling. I just use it as an additional back for media stuff. If I sell it I would like to move those drives to my Unraid server without tying them into the current raid, and continue on using them as additional backups. Is this possible? I have a thermaltake wp100 case so I do have the space. I maybe updating motherboard to something else because I'm going to a bigger CPU. I normally turn the Qnap on every few weeks and sync files from Unraid to Qnap using Hybrid 3 which is a nice software. I wish it was on Unraid. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Current motherboard is a ASRock - X370 Killer SLI Thanks
  10. Is it possible to connect Wireguard just to Custom Bro, or does the whole server have to use WireGuard?
  11. You are right, from the looks of it you have to use their NordLynx. I think at some point they may change this. I just thought it was interesting that they implemented additional security measures so it's usable to some Linux clients that want to try it. As of now WireGuard will still have some security issues, which is understandable because it is still in development. Good to see a company like Nordvpn jump on board. It means the future looks bright for WireGuard. Sorry, maybe a wasted post for this forum. I use Nordvpn myself so I just thought I would post the info.
  12. Hi guys, Nordvpn was not mentioned up top. From what I'm seeing they are actively involved with WireGuard. Not sure if they are totally done testing. From what they have developed to enable use with WireGuard I would personally trust them first. That's just my opinion. In all honesty not sure if any of this new development with WireGuard can be fully trusted right now. It does need people testing it to find out. https://nordvpn.com/blog/nordlynx-protocol-wireguard/
  13. Just curious. Thanks for the feedback.
  14. Hi Everybody, Would like to take 6.8.0-rc4 for a spin and have a look at it. I think in general it's come far enough I should be ok for the most part. The only thing I'm really concerned about is Plex. I have backups, but have a number that use it. Has anyone had any issues with Plex after installing the update or issues with this hardware? I have a Ryzen 1700x cpu and a Asrock X370 SLI board. Thanks