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  1. Hi Everybody, At some point I'm going to have to change my motherboard which is a ASRock - X370 Killer SLI., and my cpu. I have a big Thermaltake case that holds up to 20 drives, but unfortunately I have used all my 6SATA3 ports. In the meantime I need to setup external backup drives that i can sync data to. These drives will not be connected to the array. Looking for at least 8 bays 3.5 drives. Anybody be able to recommend something that will play nice? Thank you Randy
  2. I don'[t wan't to run as a VM. I will still have my router looped in somewhere. Just researching the different boxes. I've seen the Netgate ones. A little more money but from what I understand they are a pretty good product. Thanks for the input guys. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi, Specs: Cpu Ryzen 1700 (8 Core) Board X370 Killer SLI 32g Ram Not going to run it in a VM. That's why I want to buy a good external Pfsense box. Thanks
  4. Hi, Anybody own one of these boxes? I'm thinking of adding one of these boxes to the Unraid server. Read some good reviews, but then I read they run hot. 4K Support Fanless Mini PC Mikrotik Pfsense I have been thinking of adding more security to the server. I thought it was a good time to try this now because I have been having issues with my custom docker ips and my Asus RT AC5300, Merlin Firmware won't keep some of custom docker ips online anymore. The router is up to date and nothing else is dropping off the network. It could be an issue with the router, or a combination of docker ips and router, maybe network card. If I separate it with a Pfsense box I should be able to narrow it down and have more security. Just trying to find the right Pfsense box with enough Lan ports so I can remove my switcher box. Need a minimum of 6 ports.
  5. Hi Everybody, I used HBS 3 Hybrid Backup & Sync between my Qnap and Unraid. I thought it was a very nice app and worked well. Is there anything similar to that I could install directly on Unraid? I know about Krusader, good app but speeds were much slower and kind of busy dashboard. Thanks
  6. Hi, Looking to upgrade to a Ryzen 24 core cpu and maybe a 32 core in the future. Current board is a (Asrock x370 Killer SLI) Motherboard Requirements 2 Dual lan 8 Sata ports Runs fairly cool 128 ram - Only because I want to run a VM with gaming, plex and additional software. Current ram I have is Crucial 32 gig ddr4 2133 mt/s (PC4 - 17000) Haven't really thought about a budget. Obviously I'm going to have to pay to get this type of board. Based in Canada. Anybody have any recommendations? Thanks
  7. Did an Upgrade from r4 to r7, doesn't seem to be any issues. Did fix a few small VM issues. Going to let it slide for now unless something shows up. It looks like the flash drive was dying. Seems to upgrade now and the light goes out when not in use. So far so good. The team seems to be making some good progress on this version of Unraid. 👍👍 Thank you.
  8. Hi, Have the Pro Version of Unraid. It seem like my flash drive was starting to fail, updates seem to be an issue, so I replaced it with a backup from the old stick. Running 6.8.0r4. Everything went smooth, used the tool to create the new stick. After I did and it booted up, it told me I had too many devices which is 7. (5 10TB Drives, I unassigned device and the USB) As far as I'm aware the Pro version has unlimited devices. Why would I receive that message? The server did register the new key as pro. Everything seems to work. The email instructions are slightly different then the Wiki page for Unraid 6. Email said something about dragging the file. I just copied the URL in and clicked register.
  9. With the number of drives you have, do you spin them down when not in use? I never have, my thought it is more wear an tear on starting them backup. Even my desktops I never shut them down, might put them into sleep mode.
  10. That's a very good point!!! Didn't think about that. I shut my Qnap down after backups because I don't use it for anything anyway. I will just have to remember to disconnect when finished with the backups. Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it.
  11. Not going to attach those drives to the raid. Going to add them as unassigned devices.
  12. Hi Johnnie, Let's just say these 4 10TB drives are full and the data is important. As of right now would this one parity drive be ok? I do backup most of this data on a small Qnap and additional desktop drives. At some point I'm going to move the backup drives to the Unraid server, I want to consolidate everything into one for better transfer speeds and save on power. I use a Thermaltake case which can house 20 drives.
  13. Hi everybody, I have (4 - 10 TB) drives and (1 - 10 TB ) parity drive. I'm just curious, at what point or number of drives should I consider having a second parity drive? I know I'm a ways off from worrying about that just yet. Is there a general rule?
  14. Thanks for the input John. Appreciate it.
  15. Hi, I need to add more drives and my sata ports are used up. I would like a 6 port expansion card with raid support. Does anyone have any recommendations? I have a Asrock x370 killer sli board. Thanks