Not possible to resize vmdk VM?

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I have a few VM's where I moved them from a previous vmware esx server over to Unraid and kept the vmdk disk format. I noticed today that when the VM is powered on, I can see the disk size clearly in the web gui (40GB, for example). When I power the VM off to edit the disk size in the web gui, the value turns to 7,104,838T and while I can edit the field, it just won't apply (tried 60GB, for example).

Is this a limitation of the vmdk disk format and do I need to convert them?



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2 hours ago, chaosclarity said:

and do I need to convert them?

as far as I know yes, better convert to raw image using 'qemu-img convert' command, then resize with 'qemu-img resize', then use gparted or the os itself to expand the partition.

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