Reduce Power Consumption - Move Unraid to ESX

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Hi All,


I am using almost a steady 1kwh, and I need to reduce as its costing about $350 a month.  I was thinking more moving Unraid to ESX, and passing the HBA cards thru to VM, but worried about speed.   Do you think it would be impacted much?  


Unraid server has 1 Netapp DS4246 (and possibly one more added once multi-array is added as its full), and 1 DS2246


So I was thinking of 2 options. 


1 - Move UNRAID to ESX VM

2 - Move ESX VMs to Unraid.


Unraid Server  Specs - dl380 g9

2x E5-2620v4



ESX1 dl380 g8 (2 more not usually ever on)




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