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I have a question in regards a new config.

I currently have a 6TB drive on disk 2 which I need to use for another project. I had a smaller driver that I wasnt using so was going to replace disk 2 from a 6TB to a 4TB driver. As we know this will not work as you cant go smaller. So the idea I have is temporarily add the 4TB drive to the array and copy everything from disk 2 to disk 8. So now my question is if I create a new config and start by reducing the drives used by one and then remove the 6TB and assign the 4TB to disk 2 the server shouldnt know any different? Yes? I will point out that I want to assign the 4TB to disk 2 because I have alot of dockers that point to disk 2 and I think this is easier that reconfigure every docker.






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