How many PCIe devices do you have?


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I looking into getting adding a PCIE expansion to add a SAS drive to my server and I think I won’t have the ability due to having to being maxed on PCIE devices already. I currently have:



2x NVME drives



My question is how many PCIE devices do you have in your setup? Is there something I’m not thinking that would allow me to add this?




4 SATA drives (2 array and 2 UD)

2 nvme (cache pool) 


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22 hours ago, JorgeB said:

There's no standard max number of PCIe devices, depends on the board, check the manual to see if any PCIe slots are shared with other devices, if not you can have as many devices as there are slots.

I’m really just asking what a typical setup consists of in terms of PCIe devices. 

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