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I just received my SAS HBA today and was getting ready to install and setup unRAID for the first time but I ran into a problem. I don't believe that I can run both the SAS HBA and a GPU at the same time on my motherboard. I must've misread the chart in the MoBo manual. This was an oversight on my part if this is the case. If someone could just verify this information for me it would be a great help. The application will be a PLEX NAS with a VM for light gaming. I was planning on installing a VM for light gaming which is why I wanted to have both GPU and SAS HBA plugged in. I will list the parts at the end of the post if someone can verify that I can't run both GPU and SAS HBA. If I can't run both, what Mobo would you suggest I purchase so that I can run both GPU and SAS HBA in addition to 2 M.2 SSD's. The 1 M.2 has the windows OS on it that I wanted to use for the VM, while the 2nd is a New PCIe NVMe M.2 1TB for dockers, cache and scratch disk. I do have a lot of h265/HEVC and 4k movies that I watch with Plex locally. 


I feel like I may have a "cart before the horse" situation here now and I am in over my head a little bit. I have sonarr and radarr set up on My gaming PC now, but I don't have any backup for my TV's and Movies which is why I wanted to switch to unRAID. I have a new WD Red 18TB for parity and a WD Red 14TB that I will be transferring all my TV's and Movies to from my 6 year old WD Black 4TB that I have just about filled up. Then adding the 4TB to the server after everything is transferred as long as the drive is still in good condition.


Thank you for the help!




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The manual have mention that "PCIe 3.0 x16 slot (PCI_E3), supports x4 speed" won't available in some situation. But it is not clear if only two M2 case.


When installing devices in M.2_2, PCI_E2 & PCI_E3 slots at the same time, PCI_E3 slot will be unavailable, and M2_2 slot only supports PCIe x2.


Another solution was don't use M2_2, and move a M2 to PCIe 1x slot, then make PCI_E3 available. Drawback was bottleneck at that M2, but it will be the cheapest solution.

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