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I have a share on my unraid server named uploads. 


My windows PC talks to it and uploads things to it. For some odd reason it'll stay mapped and connected and work like a charm for weeks on end and then other times it'll just drop over night or a few hours later. So I login to unraid, change the security and then back and I can connect via my Windows 10 Pro machine. 


At one time I believe in my smb-extra.conf file I had something in it, but I removed it because of an older machine couldn't connect at all. 


Anyways what I'm asking for help on is there something I'm missing that I should re-add to keep my share from randomly dropping and not being connectable anymore. I know for sure a Windows Reboot doesn't fix it. I've not tried mapping it to another machine to see if it drops both or just the one machine. 


I do know for sure if I try to look for the upload folder in my \\192.168.7.x it doesn't show up at all even if its set to public, but other shares do. This particular share is a Cache only share and I don't know if that makes a difference at all. Maybe my SSD is glitching some or something?

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