CPU Load in Advanced view of Docker Containers - is it shows right % usage ?

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Wanted to move to Crafty-4 container from one bedrock server but found its shows 5% high cpu Usage ...

after checking in htop,  info of CPU usage on Crafty4,  founded other CPU usage that shown in Docker GUI ...


Also found it on my other containers , but like in docker gui i see less CPU usage (0.03%) but in htop (0.6%) for this apps and so on...

if someone founded it Also , please Confirm .



Using amazing docker Folder Plugin also ....


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CPU usage in htop (and just about every command line system) isn't what you think it should be.


Usage is based upon a single core, so if you have say a 10 core system, the maximum CPU possible is 1000%


The dashboard, docker tab etc knows about how this works, so it normalizes the values so that the maximum value possible is 100%  (ie: it divides the cpu usage reported by the number of cores)

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