(SOLVED) Server becomes unresponsive

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When I first started my UNRAID server, I started on an old Intel machine with 8gb of memory. Enjoying my experience, I then decided to move my server into another server (AMD Threadripper 3960X) that was beefier and was not used as often as before.


Everything went well, and I decided to upgrade my memory as well in that new server from 32 gb to 128 gb.


However, ever since the move and the upgrade, the server occasionally becomes unresponsive (can't reach UNRAID web UI or docker containers) and I have to perform an unclean shutdown. I've run memtests and the memory seems to be fine, but I feel as if I can't completely rule it out.


I have attached my server diagnostics along with a recent syslog log. It recently occurred this morning around 9:30-10 AM, but the output doesn't seem to be logged.


I will try hooking up a monitor to consistently monitor the output for now. In the meantime, perhaps someone could take a look and see whether there is anything worth noting in the logs I've collected.



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Issue is resolved as my server has been running smooth for the last week. C-states were disabled, but I didn't match the memory speed to the number of sticks I had. I kind of got greedy trying to have the max speed from the DIMMs over the stability of the server.



Edit: This also addressed the execution errors with Docker

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