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I installed the AIO Container just for taking a look at it, I played a round a bit, and it broke. My problem now is every time I try to reinstall Nextcloud AIO, I get back to the broken point. I tried to delete the appdata, but there was nothing. Is there anything I am missing to delete or to reset?


Thanks in advance

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On 10/8/2022 at 6:11 PM, szaimen said:

Special thanks.


Doing these steps we have managed to install it with the UnRaid terminal.


Here is how to reset the AIO instance properly:

  1. Stop all containers if they are running from the AIO interface
  2. Stop the mastercontainer with sudo docker stop nextcloud-aio-mastercontainer
  3. If the domaincheck container is still running, stop it with sudo docker stop nextcloud-aio-domaincheck
  4. Check which containers are stopped: sudo docker ps --filter "status=exited"
  5. Now remove all these stopped containers with sudo docker container prune
  6. Delete the docker network with sudo docker network rm nextcloud-aio
  7. Check which volumes are dangling with sudo docker volume ls --filter "dangling=true"
  8. Now remove all these dangling volumes: sudo docker volume prune (on Windows you might need to remove some volumes afterwards manually with docker volume rm nextcloud_aio_backupdir, docker volume rm nextcloud_aio_nextcloud_datadir). Also if you've configured NEXTCLOUD_DATADIR to a path on your host instead of the default volume, you need to clean that up as well.
  9. Optional: You can remove all docker images with sudo docker image prune -a.
  10. And you are done! Now feel free to start over with the recommended docker run command!
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