The startup problem in ipv6 environment and the problem of pcie network card


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The first problem is that after I restart my unraid, I find that the web access of the unraid is denied (including port 80 and port 8080). But I can use ssh to get to unraid. By connecting the display, I found that the unraid  stopped at the last step of startup--starting samba.

After repeated attempts, I found that the problem was solved as long as I closed the access to the ipv6 address of the management port. My ipv6 environment has not been configured, so I cannot access the Internet through ipv6. I want to confirm whether this problem is caused by the inability of ipv6 to access the network.


The second problem is that after I update the hardware, there is a pcie network card that I often use, and the interface shows that it is shut down (not active). Although I can see the interface in unraid, I cannot configure it nor find the NIC in the interface rules. Rebooting didn't fix the problem either. Finally, I tried to re-plug the pcie network card and it returned to normal.

My question for this problem is if it is because of my pcie contact problem, then why can I see the interface. If there is no problem with the pcie contact, then why am I able to configure it after replugging.



English is not my native language, if there are sentences that you cannot understand, please forgive me and point them out, and I will explain in more detail. Thank you very much for your assistance.


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