6.11.0 final - EDID block 0 is all zeroes error

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I'm getting the "EDID block 0 is all zeroes" error filling up my log on 6.11.0 final.  I saw this on 6.11rc4 as well (never tried rc5).  Rolling back to rc3 makes it go away.  I saw this thread suggesting that blacklisting the GPU driver may fix it, but I use the integrated GPU for Plex transcoding so I don't think that's a viable solution for me.  Any other ideas?


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54 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

Do you have a monitor plugged in? If not using a VGA or HDMI dummy plug *might* help.

I did have a monitor plugged in via an HDMI KVM.  I plugged the monitor directly into the server and it seems to have stopped.  Thanks!


I spoke too soon, it stopped for about 15 minutes and then started doing it again.

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2 hours ago, JorgeB said:

Did the monitor go to sleep? Though I think it should still work, even when sleeping.


Sort of.  My OPNsense router was also plugged into the same monitor, so I think after 15 minutes of inactivity the monitor was automatically switching over to the other input and the messages would start up again.  I unplugged the other cable and it seems to be stable now.  I rarely need a monitor plugged into either machine, so maybe I'll try one of those HDMI dummy plugs rather than keeping the monitor on all of the time.

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