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Slow Transfer Speed to Server


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I’m having an issue trying to transfer files from a USB drive connected to my desktop to my unraid server.


I’m transferring to the cache drive in unraid, but I’m getting mostly speeds of 20-40 MBps. I would expect it would be closer to the bandwidth of my gig lan connection. Transferring files from the server to my desktop does saturate the full bandwidth. 

As a test of the USB drive I’m trying to copy from, I tried coping the same folder locally to my windows desktop and it was much faster at 90-100 MBps (sometimes higher). So seems like drive is capable of faster transfers.

Any thoughts?

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I will have to get a picture tonight, since I’m at work.


The SSDs are set as cache devices though and the share I’m trying to copy to is set to use the cache. 

As far as I am aware, it doesn’t looking at my parity drives until the mover gets activated in the middle of the night. 

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