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3x Fried Drives with 1x Parity Disk


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Hi , First Time posting here, been using Unraid for the last 4 years or so


Today i realized 3x Of my  Data drives have Dead PC boards, after Troubleshooting power, sata cables, and finally realizing they don't spin up at all..... (Sad)


How can i Recreate the array without losing any data on the Remaining Drives ,Parity drive is Fine



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5 hours ago, Ronan C said:

Hello mate, im curious about the data, did you lost all the data on that 3 disks ?

Or with only one parity disk you recovered?

One parity disk can only recover one data disk, and only if all other disks are there. Parity by itself can recover nothing at all.


Parity is basically the same concept wherever it is used in computing and communication. Parity is just an extra bit that allows a missing bit to be calculated from all the remaining bits. Parity disk is an extra disk that allows a missing disk to be calculated from all the other disks.


Parity is NOT a substitute for backup.



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