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Install any OS update that is currently available


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Currently when you look at the https://unraid.net/download you see many versions simply because LimeTech gives us the ability to downgrade if needed. 


I constantly see on Reddit and other places people asking if they can upgrade from their current version to a higher version, but they don't want the most up to date for one reason or another. Can the update script be changed to allow for any version that is available from the download webpage?

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12 hours ago, itimpi said:

It is always easy to manually achieve this for any release where you can obtain the zip of the release as detailed here in the online documentation accessible via the ‘Manual’ link at the bottom of the GUI or the DOCS link at the top of each forum page.   GUI support would be nice though.


Thank you for putting up the howto for it. I just figured when we are nit picking little features/addons like this we have come a long way. ;)

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