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Direct Connect PC to Unraid while Unraid and PC conencted to Router, is it posible?

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So I have copper network and my router has x2 10GB ports, one for 2.5G Fiber ISP and otehr for my Main PC.

Basically the cheapest Switch i can buy is QNAP x2 10G ports and x5 2.5Gb ports, its about 200USD

and i f i get it ill just be using 3 ports, 2.5Gb uplink to router and two 10Gb ports

I rather save money with direct connection, and maybe get tad faster performance and lower latency,


Please tell me if this setup is possible:


Unraid: 1Gb to Router [this part is problematic, i know that without this is posible to connect Unraid to PC and PC to be connected to router]

Unraid: 10GB Aquantia to my PC 10Gb Aquantia

My PC: 2.5GB to Router

My PC: 10Gb Aquantia to Unraid 5Gb Aquantia


Is this possible? I want to have the Unraid still have access to my Network say to stream directly to TV or to access files from iPad pro


Thank in advance



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