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Lost all docker containers while upgrading cache pool

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Hi, i'm running UNRAID 6.11.5. I had 2 250 GB SSDs in my Cache pool and they were consistently filling up. So I followed this procedure:



I replaced the drives with 2 1TB SSDs, formatted them, adjusted the shares to use the cache, then ran mover. 

When I went to turn the docker containers back on, they were gone, and I realize I made a fatal mistake. 

I missed step 3 in the initial protocol: "Settings -> Docker: disable Docker and click apply"

What should I do to undo the damage I've done, rebuilding every docker container from scratch would be very painful. I have the two 250 GB cache drives sitting next to the machine right now. I could reinstall them, but I would like advice before I make matters any worse.


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Didn't see that part but that's not why it's not working, to fix it:


Stop the array, stop Docker/VM services, unassign all cache devices, start array to make Unraid "forget" current cache config, stop array, reassign all cache devices (there can't be an "All existing data on this device will be OVERWRITTEN when array is Started" warning for any cache device), re-enable Docker/VMs services, start array.

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1) I set appdata, backups, system, and Transcode to "Prefer:Cache"

2) I am running mover

3) when mover finishes, the appdata folder should be full of the app data from disk3. So at that point, I just go to "Apps"->"Previous Apps"->"Select All on Page"->"install 13 selected applications."
(I don't need to run Restore Appdata because the appdata that mover moves over is already the most current appdata, I didn't lose the app data and have to recreate it from the backup tar.gz.)
Then after I install the 13 selected applications, just reboot the server and I should see all the apps in the Docker tab, yes?






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