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  1. Very odd. After a while it started working. Is there some kind of invisible process where for the first, I don't know, hour, on the backend the Resilio Sync client needs to download a .torrent file so there is something happening that is simply invisible to the users and myself?
  2. I got the container installed, it seems to be fully operational, I shared a folder, it seems to be sharing the folder, but when my peers click they link, they just get... the folder without any of the contents. Resilio can see the files, because when I added the folder it spent about 10 minutes indexing about 25 gb of files. Could be a port thing? I forwarded the listening port on the router to my UNRAID. Would love some ideas.
  3. i wrote a simple shell script called 'photobackup.sh' that backs up my photos to the correct folder. Yet I come back a week later and the shellscript is gone. I've tried this twice now. I put it in /usr/bin is there a cleaner that is removing unknown shell scripts I don't know about? Is there a better way to accomplish a simple rsync rm script? Best, rbmatt1s
  4. How difficult would it be to create a docker container for Urbit? Urbit runs on basically any 64-bit Linux distro, so it should run on UNRAID https://urbit.org/using/install/
  5. Bitcoin Unlimited is a bitcoin fork of Bitcoin Core. The other app is a Bitcoin Wallet. Wallets are merely software that hold your private keys securely... they don't download the entire blockchain or serve as a verification node in the network.
  6. When I originally set up my UNRAID, I configured it so that I had subdomains on my custom domain (i.e. movies.<mydomain>.com), which I had pointing to my DDNS URL (I had DDNS on my router) , port 80 and 443 forwarded to my UNRAID (I KNOW, I KNOW), then I had letsencrypt/nginx for reverse proxying. Everything worked very well, I could remotely access NZBManager using SSL. After reading the threads in Security, I think having my UNRAID facing the internet was a mistake. If I want to do things more securely i.e. OpenVPN running on router, all remote clients connecting to OpenVPN, then accessing services via local IP (i.e. 192.168.1.X:7521), is the procedure, just "uninstall Letsencrypt Docker, edit config files on all my other docker containers?" Anything I'm missing? I followed @spaceinvaderone 's tutorials to a tee when setting up reverse proxying, worked very well, but the security issues are too worrisome. thanks
  7. I added the extra param and that fixed everything. thanks Mr. Squid.
  8. yep, maybe the container size button in Unraid is wrong?
  9. I should mention that I went into /config/logs and nuked the log files there. Still shows up in the Unraid GUI as 10gb Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  10. Sorry for this pedestrian issue but my Unraid flashed a warning: Warning [TOWER] - Docker image disk utilization of 76% I looked into container size, Sabnzbd has a 10gb log file. Any idea why it's gotten so large, I thought that sabnzbd automatically kept logs to 5MB. ideas?
  11. chalk me up as having tried and failed to get Phlex running. Hoping there is an update.
  12. This is great! I was pulling my hair out and you solved it in about 5 minutes! Bravo!
  13. Very cludgy, but I connected to my server with a windows 10 laptop via WiFi Tethering and OpenVPN. (Laptop running open VPN ->Wifi Tether on Pixel->Unraid SMB share. I was able to download at 1.25 MB/s, approximately 10 mpbs, approximately the upstream bandwidth of my home internet connection. Maybe the problem is Astro SMB? Anyone have an Android Filemanager/SMBclient that plays nicely with Unraid?