New Unraid user, both parity hardives showing zero reads and writes! Help would be apprecaited.

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Like the title states, I am a new user since September. I have had a few issues and things are in a state where I need assistance.


I ran pre-clear on all the spinning disk that got added (getting to setting up 2tb of cache after this issue is resolved (fingers crossed). The array was running with 2 x 16TB as parity drives, I added another 16Tb to the array (pre-clear) and it ran for a few days and then had a few errors. I just to remove the drive, and rebuild parity.


Today I get home from work to both parity drives displaying zero reads and writes. Not sure how I should proceed.


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According to the diagnostics you were getting I/O errors on both parity drives and so they have been disabled.   As a result parity will need rebuilding on them.


The SMART reports for those drives look OK so maybe you disturbed the cabling when adding the new drive so carefully check both SATA and power cabling to the parity drives.   If you want to test the drives then you can run an extended SMART test on the drives but I think the cabling is a more likely suspect.  You can use the process described here in the online documentation accessible via the ‘Manual’ link at the bottom of the GUI or the DOCS link at the top of each forum page to rebuild parity on these two drives (they can be done at the same time).

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