How do I setup radarr twice???


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Okay, I got all my folders setup for media at this time. I went fairly simple, but not quite as simple as several suggested. I went with a tv folder with all qualities , so only one folder overall for tv. I went with a movie folder with (movies and movies 4k inside).


So my big question is on setting up radarr. Since I have 2 folders inside movies one 1080 and below, and one 4k, I think I will need 2 instances of radarr. I found some info on it, but no videos. Does anyone know the proper way to get this done?Does anyone know which option I would use from the document below?


In this guide I will try to explain how you can sync two (or more) Radarr/Sonarr instances with each other.I'm going to show two different options on how you can setup your sync with two Radarr/Sonarr instances.

Option 1: This option is best used if you want a 1:1 copy of your Radarr/Sonarr instances as it'll sync everything

Option 2: This option is best used if you only want to have a subset of your library Movies/TV Shows as 4K/2160p (UHD) as it filters by quality profile

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To run two instances of any given app, from Apps (Settings) enable allow install of second instance.


Then from Installed Apps, under actions a new option will appear saying "Install Second Instance"


On the template, everything will be adjusted accordingly but you will still need to change the port mappings appropriately to not conflict.

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On 11/26/2022 at 3:01 PM, Squid said:

The WebUI will figure it all out.


No it won't (in my experience)... You have to tell UnRAID every little thing that is going to happen within it... to the finest detail (and more).


It's Arch Linux... 'nough said. There's no correct answer.




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I don't use radarr or sonarr but I use multiple instances of a lot of apps.  If you know you plan to use multiple then change the name of the app when you install it and as Squid mentions, change the port.  What you change the port to is up to you but I just increment the number that the container starts with.  Some apps require some other tweaking but you'll figure it out as you go.  Just play around a bit.


Here's a screenshot of my backup server.  I have two Handbrakes so that my Blu-Ray discs use a different compression than the DVDs and I have multiple Vortas because Vorta only supports one archive (although Borg supports multiple).  In the end it's easier just to create multiple instances and configure them slightly different and turn them off or on as needed.



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