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Cache Drive Unmountable: Wrong or No Filesystem - Help

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BTRFS error (device sdc1): parent transid verify failed on 430581235712 wanted 3932779 found 3932422

This error is fatal, it happens when there are lost writes, i.e. when the controller/device tells the OS all writes were complete when in fact they weren't, usually a device/controller firmware issue, also note that RAID controllers are not recommended and can cause this.


Best bet to recover the data is usually btrfs restore, option #2 here:



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I know theres no hardware raid, i just didnt setup unraid properly i dont think then or the server when i did this a couple years back, was working fine, So does this mean the Drive itself is toast? I was following step 1, which it mounted and backing up everything as we speak. Once i have a backup just wipe the drive? i had a hard power cutoff prior to this happening (Which i think was the cause of the issue)

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