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  1. Thanks for the response, Honestly main goal here is to run other games that is not added into amp, Such as game ECO, which needs that to function. So it used so that other steam games and such can be hosted that dont have a native module.
  2. Think I found the first bug, If you try to add for example a generic module, it freaks out about missing some dependencies with dotNET. I may think this is also valid for steam related games too that need dotNET, complains about needing to be set to true as well due to the dotNET related its from my research, I haven't found a way to change that setting anywhere in AMP software. When I don't use a docker version of AMP I don't have this issue. any suggestions?
  3. Also note, Granted we can share the folders and such from unraid to say Windows, but you will be denied access when trying to use samba since AMP has its own admin account in a way and logged in via unraid through samaba wont grant you access to the folder structure, so SFTP is best route to be honest.
  4. SFTP in AMP uses ports like 2223,2224,2225 ext.... doesn't use the standard port of 22. But the main AMP core service uses 2223 which can access all servers with that one. Just hope my research in this helps Other users that are interested in this docker so they don't run into problems 😃
  5. After some Tinkering around i managed to figure out my request. But if anyone needs help with the SFTP issue, you need to add the port to the settings in the Docker for adding additional ports as AMP uses 22## port, just add that as TCP and you will be able to use SFTP. It also appears you may need to add any/all ports you need open via this method to for anything to forward properly in unraid.
  6. I love the idea of this..... I do have a question though if anyone knows as iv never attempted something. Right now i have a linux VM that is dedicated for just AMP. now obviously a performance boost would take place not to use a VM. Would there be away to assign the docker to an unassigned SSD i have which has my VMs on it currently which was dedicated to the VMs, or at least have it so the Data of the Docker goes to the unassigned drive (Meaning Docker on my cache drive and the Game Servers and such to the Unassigned device? Thanks for feedback
  7. @binhex Im noticing when PRIVOXY is enabled, i never can connect, I turn if off, and usually can connect fairly quickly Ok foot in mouth 30 minutes later it pushed through, but i do find it odd 5 min connect time with it off.
  8. So i was able to connected with Netherlands, But in my testing i had turned privoxy off, and it connected in about 5 minutes, I turned it back on and back to cycling. will report any changes.
  9. So i went through the process, tried a few servers, but still getting that loop even after 20 minutes of patience. Attempted all Canadians, Mexico, Bahamas, then i attempted sweeden as another person had luck on.
  10. Hello Yall, I plan to use next cloud, and i know people recommend doing letsencrypt and SSL and such. but i have a couple things here 1) I want my NextCloud to be local only, but be able to access on outside world via VPN into my network. Is this best option for me? 2) I could do the SSL route and setup a no-ip situation, but my problem is no matter what i do inside my network if i try to goto the no-ip address it auto goes to my ISPs Gateway (Xfinity) Very annoying.... Any Feedback appreciated.
  11. Decided to give unraid a go via trial on my system Prior i was used to using Linux + software called AMP by cubecoders So i setup unraid on my server (Only have the flash drive + 2 SSD drives atm) So i managed to get linux on the 2nd drive, updated and installed AMP, but i notice the performance is TERRIBLE like over an hour to start a minecraft server Is there any suggestions or am i doing this all wrong with a VM route? Thanks
  12. Ill be going Dual (I know id rather have overkill in case i plan to do anything additional down the road or my needs change)
  13. i like to run about 3ish Minecraft servers usually (Usually a lot more ram intensive than CPU) then as far other games Ark (Up to 6 at once) Usually if i do this im done with more servers with my current setup as it gets maxed out pretty quickly depending on how many players are connected. but i envision maybe running up to 5-7 more steam related game servers on top of minecraft and ark (Potentially i could want to do more if i do an Atlas server, but id prob reduce other servers before i did this) Plex again is a lower priority since its mostly old family videos and some other digitized movie collections in 1080p format And then the fact i want to run a NAS setup (NextCloud and Duplicati) which will require a few other dockers to work of course And thought about moving my pi-hole from my raspberry pi to this machine instead as well although i dont have to
  14. Thanks for the honest feedback, and what you say makes complete sense. so if i start going down a bit. what do you think of the 3.30Ghz E5-2667v2 which has more clock speeds and such to be more in line to what i want to do?
  15. Thank you for the response, but i feel like i am looking for something with a bit more power. i have been also looking into e5-2690v2... i know i have my heart set on 128GB ram, any other suggestions anyone else may have? i know i may need to raise my budget slightly to more the 600-900 range... but like i stated i love running gaming servers(Not actual gaming on) which the x5550 has handled just fine. but i want more power out of this machine since i want to also NAS with it for a backup solution and plex. I just dont want to have to upgrade for at least 4-5 years. I am open to DIY if pointed in right direction and if cost factors fall inline.