Slow write speeds to server

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I have just installed my Unraid using the latest v.5 beta.

I have checked my ethernet speed on the Unraid server and it is 1Gb FullDuplex.

I also have a Netgear ReadyNAS Pro running at 1Gb FullDuplex.

Both are connected to a 1Gb switch.

If I write big files to my Readynas the speed is great and in relation with the ethernet speed.

But if i try to copy files from my Readynas to the Unraid the speed is more like 100Mb.


What have gone wrong?

Or is it a limitation of Unraid?


Thank you

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I have just built an unraid server and I am finding it very slow writing data to any of the drives I have even added a cache drive and it is still slow. The average seems to be about 11mb/second. But can drop to 3 or 4 mb/second

I am able to play my media fine on my wd tv live but copying any data seams so slow.

I am new to unraid so I don’t know how to check the configuration so any tips and advice would be very welcome. Buy the way when I copy to my pc I get about 60mb/second


My system

Asus P5GV-MX

3GB PENTIUM 4 soc 775


I GIGABIT PCI Network Card

Netgear Gigabit switch and 1 gigabit card in my windows 7 pc

3x wd 2TB EARS sata

1X Maxtor SATA cache drive

Unraid server plus5.0 8c


I really would like to know how to get this working to the best speed possible.

I am using a beta so maybe I would have been better off using an older version, also I tried to copy and paste my log file but it said it was to big.


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Got your point, but may it be possible to merge the two threads here in this forum so we could discuss it here?


By the way i looked through the three syslogs i have out of the threads regarding that issue (of nsp24, Concorde Rules and my own) and what i see is that in all the syslogs the r8169 ethernet driver / Nic is used.

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It simply seems to be a driver problem. The r8169 seems to be broken in the new Kernel

Tom seems to work on an Update, until then i am back to 5.0beta6a.


For me there is no need changing the NIC, i just wait for the next unRaid beta.


This is the only version I have ever tried, is it hard to change to an older version? Is there any risk of losing DATA?

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