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Disable VNC Console with GPU Passthrough - System won't boot.

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So I have a weird issue where if I have my GPU passed through it works just fine as long as I have the virtual display enabled in the xml. However the moment I disable the VNC console the VM will no longer boot up. Any suggestions? Nothing stands out in any of the logs. Normally I wouldn't care but I have a script for a game I run and for whatever reason it see's the other displays resolution instead of the actual display being used.  I did try disabling it in windows device manager but it still looks at it's resolution. So I am stuck with trying to figure out how to disable it completely.

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I had the exact same issue. My Mac booted fine with VNC + passthrough Nvidia GPU, and the Mac can find the GPU correctly and utilize it for second monitor. But after removing VNC it wouldn't boot. Turns out the ROM I used for the GPU was not working for VM (I used one that's directly downloaded from techpowerup vgabios database without modification).


I had to follow this to modify the downloaded vbios to make it work for VM.



Dumping vbios might also work but I didn't had luck with it


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