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How to Setup Gaming VM


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There is lots of videos and articles around setting up a gaming VM, all have different settings and hacks, is there anything recent instruction wise that people are using, I am on the latest release of Unraid. Running AMD Ryzen 5 and Geforce GTX 1660 Super. 


I guess I am getting a little confused on the whole dump vbios thing (do I need to do that or not ) and system devices IOMMU group, assuming I need to do that.


I have tried the space invader vids on this but when VM boot I get a black screen (assuming related to not dumping my vbios), I also lose the ability to put the graphic cards in power save mode (SpaceInvader Script) when not using the VM, assuming this is because Unraid not longer has control over the card?


any help or direction would be appreciated.




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