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Advise on Compact Design (Backup)


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I'm considering building a 2nd rig as a backup unit only.

- minimal demand, only storage

- capacity for 3 to 4 drives

- want it small enough to pick up and walk out the door.  


I've been considering an external RAID enclosure that holds 3-4 drives, but expanding it would mean starting over.  So that thought pushed me to just making a small unRaid backup rig.  My concern with building an unraid rig is making it "portable" as a backup unit

My current rig is 43 TB with 28 used.  I was thinking of using 2 - 18 TB drives, pretty cheap right now and that would cover me for a while.


Options are just use a RAID 0 Esata enclosure... OR... an unraid rig...



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