Built-in backup facilities for backing up to local targets and cloud storage providers

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It seems like every consumer off-the-shelf NAS, and even offerings like TrueNAS, have shockingly decent built-in backup facilities, and have done for many years. TrueNAS integrates well with cloud storage providers in the OOBE. I'm bewildered that Unraid still doesn't offer anything like this, even just backup to a local target like another machine on the LAN, or just a USB drive.


Even a cheap TerraMaster NAS offers something, which I've used prior to Unraid. With pages like https://unraid.net/product/data-storage-users, there's a lot of functionality that you would otherwise expect, especially invoking "Designers, 3D animators, developers, and video production companies", it sets certain expectations for the OOBE. Not saying this to be negative, but saying it because I'm shocked by how comparatively janky and lacklustre pretty much every third-party solution is with Docker containers versus how slick and effective competing solutions are.


I've also noticed a lot of users seem to misinterpret parity as being a backup solution rather than simply improving availability. Backups really should be in the OOBE, and when setting up a new server, should be one of the first things that users do, and as simple as the rest of the Unraid experience. The complexity of setting up third-party backups is in great contrast to how simple and intuitive the rest of the experience with Unraid is. After recently having had a Docker container break with a bad update, I'm extremely sceptical with regard to something as mission critical as backups.


Something. Anything. Pretty please! Love the rest of Unraid, but this is crying out for a solution, especially in terms of feeling able to recommend it to others.

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