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  1. Does anybody have a SWAG NGINX proxy-conf for the 'epicgames freegames' Docker container?
  2. Hello everybody! I've been dealing with a peculiar problem since I started using Linuxserver.io's Nextcloud Docker image. My Temp is set to '/tmp/nextcloud/', but every time the server is restarted, the directory is of course recreated, but the problem is that I'm not able to login to Nextcloud until the directory's permissions are manually changed (I change them to 777 in this case), after that, it works as expected, and the sess_ files etc. all appear as expected. It isn't a big problem, but it can be a little puzzling if I don't remember to do it if the server n
  3. Hi all! One of the final things left to do in my escape from Windows Server is sharing a USB printer on the network. jstrader/airprint-cloudprint is no longer available. What's the current recommendation? And yes, I'm aware having a print server is somewhat of an abnormality in 2020. :- )
  4. Hi all! New to Unraid! Following along with a tutorial to get Let's Encrypt up and running in Unraid via the Apps tab, but when I search for Let's Encrypt, I don't find it, even when checking the list of 'All Apps'; can anybody shine any light on this?