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  1. It was just pure deduction. All of the reporting tools were saying it was fine. But it kept having issues which meant I had to look into it further. In the end, it was manually testing the device that allowed me to narrow it down to a point I could make the ssd fail 100% of the time under one of my test conditions. At that point it doesn't matter what the SMART says, I can reproduce a failure at will with something that within it's specs, proving the device was faulty. Hardware failure can be tricky. Not everything is going to be easily visible as a concrete red line somewhere. There will be times you have to just test for things yourself to try and figure it out.
  2. Ryonez

    Dynamix - V6 Plugins

    I like to be there when updating just in case something breaks. Not sure if the auto update plugin would fix it though, because it wouldn't be updating the plugin would it? Or does it suppress the notifications anyway?
  3. Ryonez

    Dynamix - V6 Plugins

    Dynamix System Statistics has a minimum Unraid version of 6.7.0 as of it's last update. Latest stable unRaid version is 6.6.6. I've been getting a notification about this update everyday for a week.
  4. Ryonez

    [Support] GitLab-CE

    Would someone happen to have a guide on how to set up gitlab pages with the letsencrypt reverse proxy docker? I'v tried to go through it a few times, but with it wanting another ip, and another domain (I have one I can use), I'm really not sure how to proceed.
  5. As am I. Blimmin heck that was confusing and frustrating >.<
  6. And done. So in the end, it was a faulty ssd. Even though SMART was reporting nothing wrong, it'd fail under heavy write conditions. I replaced the drive, copying the data that was on the old cache onto the new drive. With the help of the appdata backup, I went through all the dockers and they look safe, no errors being reported from them. Testing the services the dockers provides yields no problems. On a side note, the gui seems to report the right loads for the CPU now, not sure why that was screwing up because of the hdd. As everything seems good now, I'm going to mark this as solved.
  7. Alright, I had a look. I actually got myself a new sdd for my desktop for Christmas, and the old ssd was a sister to the one I had in the server. Popping it in, and checking the cables, so far it's not a cable failure, but a sdd one. Even though the one from the desktop has 2 relocated sectors, it works and giving the one in the server is failing to report an issue, I have to replace it now. I'm shifting files back onto the cache now, will report back here the results later.
  8. Alright, Testing with copying just the 40GB docker image to the cache, this should be the only activity on the server, and I'm seeing this: Even 5 minutes in this is taking... Ahah, I've actually managed to trigger a failure durning testing, let me throw the diagnostics to this. Is this an issue with the controller, drive, the kernel? atlantis-diagnostics-20190104-2243.zip
  9. Just moved all the dockers onto the array and tested the docker filesystem which returned no errors. I just went to turn the docker service off, and the webUI didn't update: Jan 4 22:23:04 Atlantis nginx: 2019/01/04 22:23:04 [error] 11886#11886: *86889 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading upstream, client:, server: , request: "POST /update.php HTTP/2.0", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock:", host: "98cfc7c68d1cb5a7ddfa9158c07b51ec370a5a02.unraid.net", referrer: "https://98cfc7c68d1cb5a7ddfa9158c07b51ec370a5a02.unraid.net/Settings/DockerSettings" I'm just completely stumped. This can be replicated without the cache, docker is saying it's image is fine, is unraid just dying?
  10. Ahh. I'd imagine they'd only be read when the connection is started. Shifting them off the flash wouldn't give any real benefit I think..
  11. I tried going back to 6.6.5, no joy. Loaded 6.6.6 back now.
  12. it's a hidden share called flash. So goto: `\\<unraidip>\flash`
  13. This is still happening, and I'm at a complete loss. The dashboard can report max CPU usage, at the same time htop says nothing. I'm thinking about downgrading to see if this stops, this is out of hand, I've been trying to update one docker for 20 mins. The site page timed out, and the docker has just disappeared now.
  14. Still having issues, updating dockers one at a time and crossing my fingers it'll go through without timing out. Is this an issue in the system, or is the ssd dying?
  15. Just got an unclean shutdown warning after tacking the array off of maintenance mode. Not sure that's normal. But for now, I need sleep, so please excuses any late replies from me.