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  1. I don't know if this is just coincidence, but after updating the unraid connect plugin my theme reverted to the normal black theme, moreover even the banner disappeared. Theme engine config files were not changed (comparing to a backup), removing and reinstalling it did nothing. What I noticed is that the display settings changed, I could manually update them (for example reselect the banner), but eventually just restored this file from a backup (config\plugins\dynamix\dynamix.cfg)
  2. I don't see it either, however I am not the owner of that app, you better ask in the relevant support thread. This is about Portainer business edition
  3. Thanks for updating back. I was too busy this week and planed to test it over the weekend.
  4. I think this is related to Samba, it is definitely not the famous macvlan call trace
  5. You should not get any macvlan errors on 6.12.4 as far as I understand, can you post a sample log trace here? or diagnostics?
  6. vhost0 replaces br0. virbr0 is provided by libvirt and is used to created a NAT network for VMs. You should only update the interface in VMs (if it doesn't update automatically) to vhost0 if it was br0. There is no preferred default, it depends if you want the VM to run on your network (non-isolated) or run in a separated isolated network.
  7. This is a great release which makes 6.12 so much better.
  8. I have tested the this since early releases and no more macvlan traces, both with bridging disabled and enabled. Great work @bonienl and everyone else who contributed to fixing it
  9. I don't really understand what you want to do, you should add dockers via unraid docker system, this is just for monitoring docker containers
  10. You will need to contact Deconz, you can do it on their Github or Discord: and debug it with them. There is nothing wrong in this Docker according to the log. They will ask you to enable extra logging which can help understand the issue
  11. There are no errors in the log, can you try to pair/add device?
  12. It looks like it is not related to the docker if that is the case, once it communicates with the dongle everything else is not related to the docker or template. You can try to create an issue here: If you want you can provide log from the docker console and I can try to see if it shows something which can hint what is the problem.
  13. So what is not working? as I see your device is detected
  14. Start by posting the output from: ls /dev/serial/by-id