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  1. Most comments here are what is not working, so just wanted to update that everything is working great on my test system. I had a problems on RC1 since it is laptop based and would go to sleep, this is fixed with RC2. Tried to check everything i use, adda Win11 VM, check performance for older VMs, all is working great. As a sidenote, I also think there should be an option to disable the UPC from the main header, IMO this should be just a display option, regadless if the plugin is enable or not. Default should be on, so no confusing for users. I find it strange to see my forum username on the main header 🙂
  2. It is coming, I guess it will be in the next RC 😀
  3. @KacperThanks for this great solution Did you build the "battery" and "ac" kernel modules yourself? or did you get pre-compiled versions of them? I would like to test it on Unraid 6.10 rc: Linux version 5.13.13-Unraid (gcc (GCC) 11.2.0, GNU ld version 2.36.1-slack15)
  4. That works, I have also tried yesterday to add the following to `go` file: /usr/bin/sed -i -e 's/#HandleLidSwitch=suspend/HandleLidSwitch=ignore/g' /etc/elogind/logind.conf /etc/rc.d/rc.elogind restart This will not work during boot since the laptop already sleeps until go file is executed, if I wake up the laptop manually after it sleeps during boot it will not get back to sleep. Is there a way to make the change before `elogind` runs?
  5. Overlooked every option in the bios, this laptop has nice bios GUI but with very minimal settings 😞 However from your log entries I bumped into this: Which suggests to run `loginctl show-seat` to check the the sleep settings. Not the line: `HandleLidSwitch=suspend` root@Fanta:~# loginctl show-seat EnableWallMessages=no KillUserProcesses=no RebootToFirmwareSetup=no RebootToBootLoaderMenu=18446744073709551615 IdleHint=yes IdleSinceHint=0 IdleSinceHintMonotonic=0 InhibitDelayMaxUSec=5s UserStopDelayUSec=0 HandlePowerKey=poweroff HandleSuspendKey=suspend HandleHibernateKey=hibernate HandleLidSwitch=suspend HandleLidSwitchDocked=ignore HoldoffTimeoutUSec=30s IdleAction=ignore IdleActionUSec=30min PreparingForShutdown=no PreparingForSleep=no Docked=no LidClosed=no OnExternalPower=yes RemoveIPC=yes RuntimeDirectorySize=830500864 RuntimeDirectoryInodesMax=202759 InhibitorsMax=8192 NCurrentInhibitors=0 SessionsMax=8192 NCurrentSessions=0 root@Fanta:~# It looks like this is configurable, so `HandleLidSwitch` needs to be changed to `ignore`, however I don't have the knowledge how to do it in Unraid (due to the way the OS is built so /etc is not permanent) Would it be possible to change this default value to be ignore for the next release? (I assume no one will want this option for a server) is there an option for me to change it for now? Thanks for the fast response
  6. I have installed the "S3 Sleep" in order to find out if I can prevent sleep with it, I did not have that plugin installed before upgrading to rc1. Even with the plugin with settings to prevent sleep under load or network it will still go to sleep when lid is closed anyhow not related to the plugin.
  7. I have a backup & testing server which runs on a laptop, this uses to test new versions and to provide a lite server when the main server is down. After upgrading to 6.10.0-rc1 it goes to sleep when the screen is closed. This happened on the first boot after update and I thought the OS is not booting, when opening the screen to check the laptop woke up. I can wake it up remotely via wake on lan and it will again go to sleep within few seconds even if the CPU is under heavy load. I am going to check options to disable it in the bios, but after finding that the OS support sleep I actually think it would be good if this would work as it should. EDIT: I have checked and there are no options in the BIOS to disable that may prevent sleep.
  8. @limetechthis issue is open since November 2019, I suffer it from over a year (my report here I know your saying that no response does not mean the issue is not looked at, but this a year and a half. I have also suggested something which may be related in my post, is it ever going to be looked at? Thanks. btw (-i br0 does not solve it for me, two machines suffer from the same issue)
  9. Well if you suffer from this every 3-4 month your statistics is that you don't really know how much the `-i br0` solve this or just reduce the rate. I have different experience, I can get this even few minutes after server restart, but also could reach 70 days without problems. For me the `-i br0` did not change anything. I have posted it somewhere, but even trying to get a feedback from @limetechwhat version of WSDD they used for latest RC did not get any response. I do hope it is getting the attention it should before final release.
  10. Can someone comment what versions of Libvirt & QEMU are used in this release? 10x
  11. For HassOS I submitted a poll request to support QEMU hypervisors, so that it also loads the guest agent for them. Since HassOS 4.11 (dated 3-Jul-2020) you should not have any problem with this (although the OS does not detect UNRAID as KVM hypervisor). When the VM is running, edit the VM in in UNRAID and view as XML, look for this part: <channel type='unix'> <source mode='bind' path='/var/lib/libvirt/qemu/channel/target/HassOS/org.qemu.guest_agent.0'/> <target type='virtio' name='org.qemu.guest_agent.0' state='connected'/> <alias name='channel0'/> <address type='virtio-serial' controller='0' bus='0' port='1'/> </channel> Make state=connected. I can run live snapshots without stopping the machine after my change was merged.
  12. Thanks, I searched before, but only found the Issue I linked to. Anyhow as I see it is still active on 6.9.0 beta 25 so I hope this get resolved before 6.9 release.