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  1. The original developer stopped the development, I was trying to mainly maintain bug fixes, however I am busy in the next month. If someone wants to fix it feel free to make a PR and I will release a new version.
  2. I can confirm that your suggested change resolves the error, Also tested that the condition is running correctly with this change
  3. No, but it is still on my TODO list 🙂
  4. Thanks for updating back, I use Home Assistant but if you can reach the Phoscon UI the docker is working. I would try getting help in Domoticz forums
  5. This is a support thread for the community app docker template, it doesn't look like you are using the template, the default options in the template has VNC mode already set, please first try it, otherwise try to ask for support in the repo
  6. See my previous answer here, there were multiple users with the same problem which resolved by re-installing the plugin:
  7. I have removed them in 6.11, see for details, they were broken, couldn't get them to work correctly, so you may left with lines that stay stuck on the dashboard.... Code for drawing them is still there, if anyone have time to fix it, let me know. I may return to this in the future if I have time
  8. Short answer would be from a flash drive backup (which you should do periodically anyhow) Long answer, there is no simple way to recover it, you can follow the steps here Flash should be FAT so many tools can undelete files from there, I am not sure it worth the effort
  9. I helped debugging the same issue few posts ago, something did not reinstall the plugin correctly, please try the following: Backup your current config, you can find it in the flash drive share: flash\config\plugins\docker.folder\folders.json flash\config\plugins\docker.folder\folders-vm.json Uninstall the plugin, make sure the directory above is empty, and reinstall the plugin. Check if it is working, if it is you can try to restore the backup files above.
  10. The forked version is bugfixes needed for 6.11, you can't run it on 6.9.2 and won't have any benefit. CA will automatically install the correct version for your OS.
  11. That is not an error, it is just printed in red 🤷‍♂️ About the UI this happens when switching from older version to a newer version, it should be resolved by clearing the browser cache. If you use Chrome, press F12, right click the reload button and select "Empty Cache and Hard Reload"
  12. The USB port is correct, however you need to keep the deCONZ device with /dev/ttyACM0
  13. This usually happens if there is another app using this port. Can you try to change to a different port and check? what else do you see in the log? I have just tested using host network with port 9080 without issues on my test server.
  14. Try to edit a folder (I would start with the "Share" folder), remove the containers, apply the settings, than edit again and add them. Can you attach your `folders.json` file? you can find it under the flash drive share: flash\config\plugins\docker.folder\folders.vm