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  1. I think this is related to Samba, it is definitely not the famous macvlan call trace
  2. You should not get any macvlan errors on 6.12.4 as far as I understand, can you post a sample log trace here? or diagnostics?
  3. vhost0 replaces br0. virbr0 is provided by libvirt and is used to created a NAT network for VMs. You should only update the interface in VMs (if it doesn't update automatically) to vhost0 if it was br0. There is no preferred default, it depends if you want the VM to run on your network (non-isolated) or run in a separated isolated network.
  4. This is a great release which makes 6.12 so much better.
  5. I have tested the this since early releases and no more macvlan traces, both with bridging disabled and enabled. Great work @bonienl and everyone else who contributed to fixing it
  6. I don't really understand what you want to do, you should add dockers via unraid docker system, this is just for monitoring docker containers
  7. You will need to contact Deconz, you can do it on their Github or Discord: and debug it with them. There is nothing wrong in this Docker according to the log. They will ask you to enable extra logging which can help understand the issue
  8. There are no errors in the log, can you try to pair/add device?
  9. It looks like it is not related to the docker if that is the case, once it communicates with the dongle everything else is not related to the docker or template. You can try to create an issue here: If you want you can provide log from the docker console and I can try to see if it shows something which can hint what is the problem.
  10. So what is not working? as I see your device is detected
  11. Start by posting the output from: ls /dev/serial/by-id
  12. Hi, The update to separate apparent power and real in 2023.07.23a is great, however if the UPS capacity is manually adjusted under display settings the footer shows incorrect real power (the value on the dashboard and on the settings page is correct) Example with a UPS that uses the default values: Setting the capacity to "auto" the values are identical: I hope this can be looked at, Thanks
  13. Indeed, tried to look at it, but as you wrote before it needs major rewrite, most of my experience is with backend and not with frontend and I have limited time now, I can fix broken logic, but too busy for a complete rewrite. If someone have time to fix it, I can still validate the changes and release a new version. I will also try to look at it again when I have more time.
  14. 3 messages up, this is broken in 6.12, there was an attempt to fix it but it didn't work correctly.