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  1. This is not related to the issue here, you will get better support creating a new post
  2. I think you should take this to another thread. Having this discussion here does not help people waiting for updates about Docker Folder and on the other hand no one with a similar problem to you will look here.
  3. This is not related to docker folder, it does not change the docker startup or control anything. If you enable "Advanced View" you can set a delay at startup, here is an example for a container that is depended on other containers so I added 20 seconds delay:
  4. Edit the folder, enable advanced settings and select the type your want (one of the Icon types):
  5. VM logs should be fixed with Docker Folder 2022.06.19 The VM folder expand is still broken
  6. So I added a fake cookie (named it "test"), deleted the ca_data and started increasing its payload until the VNC session no longer connects. When total of all cookies is 3159 bytes it still works, increasing the cookie by one byte to 3160 breaks VNC and reducing it again by 1 byte fixes VNC. So the limit at least on my system is 3159, now need to figure out where does this limit comes from EDIT: also checked without SSL, the limit that still work without SSL is 3522
  7. It is not the cookie itself, there is no problem with the size of it my ca_data cookie is 438 bytes while the rxd-init which I first suggested removing is 541 bytes. The total size of all cookies on my system right now which already breaks VNC is 2816 bytes so surely all of them does not even reach the limit for a single cookie. However the combination of the size of the cookies breaks something. I will try to find the limit by editing a cookie and reducing the size until it starts working. @Squid just to be clear this is not CA related. There are also other big cookies. I showed this as an example since it is easy to delete the CA data and let CA create it again, while for example deleting the rxd-init is not easy to reproduce back the problem since it starts small and get larger with time.
  8. The only problem is that it requires doing it every few days. I have also identified that it is not specifically the `rxd-init` but probably a combination of big cookies. I know now how to reproduce it every time without clearing cache, but still not how to solve it. For example community apps also adds a big cookie to store it's settings so deleting it (ca_data) also fix the problem, going to CA settings brings back the cookie which will again break VNC. The error even hints that something happens during read: recv() failed (104: Connection reset by peer) while reading upstream So I guess it would be possible to increase the read buffer somewhere, but this would have to be looked by someone from @limetech
  9. Can you explain what doesn't work? did you remove the old one, searched and added Docker folder again?
  10. I didn't notice it until you mentioned it, I can confirm it is broken and while testing it I found out that the logs icon is also broken. Trying to view logs for a VM will open a window with the following error: `Error: No such container: ....`
  11. Yes I did, see my explanation at I linked this so we make 1 discussion instead of two. This one should be closed IMO. Clearing browser cache solve this for a period of time (I can't spot the exact period, hours to days), I did identify that the `txd-init` or `rxd-init` cookies are causing the issue, when you clear cache you also clear these cookies.
  12. This is already reported at
  13. I tried to find out what is stored in the cache that causing this problem, so instead of clearing all application cache I looked at the stored data. It looks like the `rxd-init` and `txd-init` cookies are too long and break something. I would appreciate if someone confirm my findings (as it takes hours to days for this to happen) - For chrome users: - When the problem is active and NoVNC does not connect - From the VNC window with the error message press F12 - Select Application and cookies on the DevTools window - Delete the `rxd-init` cookie - Press Connect on the NoVNC window
  14. I didn't notice you wrote about something else, I can confirm the toggle behaviour.
  15. Follow This post is also pinned at the top of the page
  16. That was mentioned by @Squid it is currently disabled by purpose since it does not work correctly and is kind of a hack of the dashboard system (I tend to agree with that)
  17. @Groto it doesn't matter that it is a fork, community apps repo was updated to include this, will show only from unraid 6.10.0 and above.
  18. @zer0zer0 The max version for the original plugin is now 6.9.2 and the min for the forked one is 6.10.0
  19. I actually just updated without uninstalling, doing it from the sidebar worked
  20. I have described how to reproduce the problem here: I already know how to edit the files directly on a running Unraid system (made some changes and saw their effect), tried to fix it without success since I don't have much experience in frontend (and even less with Unraid frontend), I will be happy to help with the testing, no need to create a txz, just let me know when the fork is updated (or send me the file to change) and I will change the files directly on a running system, I have a test Unraid server so it is easy for me to test changes and nothing happens if things are broken. If the instructions above are not clear or any additional help info needed the best would be to discuss online, I mainly do this on Discord (thecode#6829), but will adjust to whatever fits you best. I am also willing to maintain a fork, make releases and accept pull requests, but it should be understood that it will take time until I will have the knowledge to fully maintain this plugin so most of the contribution should come from developers making PRs.
  21. I think no one actually explained how to reproduce the context menu bug: 1. Create a folder and add containers to it 2. Enable preview advanced context menu: 3. Click on a container a menu will open without the dropdown options: Workaround which works for me that might hint where is the problem: 4. Expand the folder and start/stop any container on that folder and the dropdown menu is fixed until the page is refreshed: Hope that helps, I spent few hours debugging this with no luck (I am more of a backend developer, not frontend), I think the starting point should be
  22. Interesting that on the 6.10 release I had to put the size back to normal for the font size to match the old size 🙂 Thanks for great release, highly appreciated
  23. I actually liked the font the previous font, but not that critical (and hey you can't satisfy everyone). However, it looks like there is a size difference between the fonts. Setting the font size to Large gives a similar font size as Normal 6.9.2, is that expected?