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USB guid/unraid plus key issues


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Hi guys, 

i cant find any articles to reference to resolve my issue. 

i bought a second server, used unraid test key to get it setup, i then bought a second account and now the key and usb are not linked from the test account usb files to the new key.

i've tried to reformat the key to all new settings and add the key again however running into issue.  I'm unsure how to add the key to the files manually, i've tried to do it from the server when operational on the test but it says the product key doesnt match the flash guid.  



i also cant login with the email address i registered...  i have no password or login but i was able to link the second server to my primary account but its just the test server/key...   i have my unraid plus key in an email and also my usb flash guid.  

what is the best route to fix this and get the correct key and usb flash guid onto my flash drive?  


Is the issue to do with the hard drives?  are they registered to the actualy usb guid?  if thats the case they might be registered to the test not the purchased key and thats why the purchase key wont take correctly.  


please help 


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I had the second server running all plugins and dockers i wanted already installed, it was running smooth for 2 days so i tried to upgrade, i purchased right through the server webui i had running, but when i entered in my second email I'm guessing it started a whole new profile?  


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1 hour ago, Kilrah said:

What did you do exactly?

Either you buy from the running server or you buy from the general website, get an activation code, then enter that code on the running server.


Drives or even machine don't matter.

So if i bought from the website i guess.. how do i activate on my server if its saying the usb guid doesnt match...   


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4 hours ago, Kilrah said:

Don't see how that's possible... did you maybe buy it from your old existing server's UI?


Probably best to contact support at this point.

no i used a second server, with a second email address. 

I didnt even know i could purchase two unraids with one email? that would have been easier instead of trying to link accounts im guessing. 


I will contact support. Appreciate your assistance. 


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