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Cache Drive disappeared

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Having a bit of an issue and reall stuck now..


I'm on 6.11.0.


I had the Basic version of Unraid and was running:


2x Parity

3x storage

USB for key

Cache drive


I then added a new drive with Unassigned Devices.


Everything was ok until i had to move my server and shutdown, when starting back up i got the message that i had too many drives. Being a cheapskate as funds were tight at the time (3 - 4 months ago) i recall going in and just removing the cache drive - just in the Unraid OS, not physically.


I've now upgraded to the Plus version, and gone to re-add the cache drive back, but it's not being picked up in the Unraid OS - it doesn't show up anywhere i can see as an unassigned device or anything.


I can't seem to find any setting or way to "re-scan" drives to look for it - it's a 1gb Kingston SSD so i know it's not being picked up as i can tell from the other drive sizes and because everything else is showing up OK and accounted for.


Does anyone know what i need to do here?


Do i need to shutdown, unplug drive, start up, then shutdown again, plug back in to get it to register again? (thought i'd ask for help first before climbing into the loft where the server is!!!)


I've lost Docker and my VMs too ("service failed to start" error) so i must have had them stored on Cache drive. A bit stuck so any advice is welcome!!!

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