Disk disabled, now rebuilding but another one is disabled and shares are gone. Is all hope lost?

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Hi All


Newbie unraider but I had an issue and I wonder if all is lost! Im hoping not because I can see the actual data on the drives by clicking on drive view for most of the disks. 


3 days ago I noticed that the server had disabled Disk 5 (red X). The contents were being emulated. I also noticed that disk 1 was getting alot of data written on it. For all my shares I use High Water so this was very surprising.


I looked at help and it was suggested I stop the array, remove the disabled disk and re-start in maintenance mode. The array started no issue and drive contents were emulated. I then stopped the array again, re-selected the disabled disk and started it. Now Im undergoing a data rebuild but my disk 1 is now disabled. Oddly also, Disk 3 has alot of errors. Lastly my shares are not visible anymore :(


Im not sure if i messed up and really could use some help! Im not writing anything new to the array (docker is off) until I can sort this. 


My array is a dual parity 10 disk system with Seagate EXOS 18 tb drives (8 total) and 2 WD red NAS drives 18TB. 


I did get the entire diagnostics before I made any moves


Im attaching them and can get others (I just don't know what to get)


If anyone can please help i'd really appreciate it!






Disk 5 Smart pre-stopping.txt Disk 5 post stopping and connecting.txt Disk 1 post stopping and connectng.txt

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