Extremely slow web site loading - all docker containers.

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Good afternoon, 


Firstly, here's my setup:

I have a domain hosted through Cloudflare. I'm using the Cloudflare DDNS docker to update my IP. I have NGINX Proxy Manager (jlesage/nginx-proxy-manager) with the Cloudflare origin server certificates installed. All of my proxy hosts are proxied via Cloudflare and are using the Cloudflare SSL certificate in NGINX.

I've never had a problem with this for 2 years.


For the last few weeks however, my websites take ages to load. Plex, Nextcloud, Radarr, Overseerr ... All of my Dockers that are proxied and accessed by their domain name are extremely slow to load. 

If I load them up by their internal IP address, eg:, it loads instantly without any delays. 


Initially I thought there was something wrong with NGINX, since things are working fine when not accessing websites over the internet, so I tried installing NGINX Proxy Manager Official (jc21/nginx-proxy-manager). There was no improvement with this.


The only thing I've done in the past few weeks that lines up with the timeline of when I started experiencing these issues was trying PiHole and Adguard Home. I reconfigured my router to use the new DNS server and played with it for a week but I've completed removed these packages and have reverted all changes on my computers and router back to their original settings.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Diagnostics file attached.





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9 hours ago, Daxton said:

and have reverted all changes on my computers and router back to their original settings.

my educated guess would be that you didn't catch all settings concerning the dns resolvers.

What you see is a massive timeout due to an unresponsive dns server in your resolver chain somewhere.

For every access the client asks the resolver and the first server in the list does not answer. After a few seconds it then gives up and retries with the next server in the list. Finally you find somebody that answers. But everytime there will be a massive 2seconds or more delay.

When loading a website with dozens of items this can add up to minutes of waiting.


So go and recheck EVERY dns setting EVERYWHERE and delete the Pihole. Or reinstall the pihole (slowdown should vanish then) and browse thru his logs to see WHO is using him as a resolver. Then go an correct those wrong machin(es).


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Thanks for the reply and suggestions.

I spent hours scouring though everything related to DNS and wasn't able to identify a culprit.
I did find a Reddit discussion about this very thing and someone suggested disabling DoS protection in the router.
It's strange as I don't recall turning this on, but disabling it has completely resolved the issue.
If anyone ends up finding themselves with this issue I'd suggest you start there.


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