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Process for swapping NICs with least amount of headaches...

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I want to install a 10gbe NIC in my unraid server to speed things up with my other PCs on my network (I have a Unify 10gb switch and 10gb Nics in my windows PCs. My unraid server has a onboard 2.5gb nic. Do I disable the onboard nic in the bios? And then how to I make sure that the new nic is set to the "old" IP address to insure I don't lose any access or functionality? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'd like to ask before I've dug a hole I can'tget out of :)

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**edit**: I went ahead and disabled the previous nic in the bios. Not sure if that was advised, but it made it easier for me to sort out and re-assign the static IP. Now my problem is I'm only getting about 100mbs between my unraid server and my windows PC which is about the same as before.  Here are my setup:


Have a unifi 10gb switch

Have an asus 10gb nic in both my PC and Unraid

Server is in same rack as the switch, but tested cable: good

ran a new dedicated cat6a to my windows pc and cable is testing good.

Unraid is showing a 10gb connection, windows network adapter is showing 10gb connection, and unifi is showing a 10gb connection to both devices.

I'm not certain how to run iperf, I see there is a docker for it now. Should I start there?


Thanks @JorgeB.  Under "bonding members of bond0" it lists both cards after the change. Is that ok?  Also, do I want to leave enable bridging if I'm leaving both cards in there?  Sorry for the "dumb" questions, I've just never messed with the network aspects of unraid (never had a reason to)

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