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 Under 3.3.2 Removing data disk(s), I've corrected the 'Reset the array configuration' in the quoted text:



3.3.2 Removing data disk(s)

Removing a disk from the array is possible, but normally requires you to once again sync your parity disk(s) after doing so. This means that until the parity sync completes, the array is vulnerable to data loss should any disk in the array fail.

To remove a disk from your array, perform the following steps:

Stop the array

(optional) Make note if your disk assignments under the main tab (for both the array and cache; some find it helpful to take a screenshot)

Perform the Reset the array configuration procedure. When doing this it is a good idea to use the option to preserve all current assignments to avoid you having to re-enter them (and possibly make a mistake doing so).


Continuing under '3.3.2 ...' > 'Notes:', bullet point 8, the links to the User Scripts Forum Post is dead (aforementioned link corrected), along with some links to sub-scripts within like clearing an array drive.


I'm going to presume the bigger issue is the hard-coding of a release version in the URL's linking to the Wiki/Manual release version, e.g.:



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