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Please look at my syslog

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So here is what happened ...


Short version, I'm an idiot who was being lazy.


Long version, I had already shut down my PC before shutting down my unraid server.  So I fired up the console, and typed "shutdown -now".  Yeah problem right.  I realized it based on the incomplete powerdown so I reboot with the power button to find a parity check in progress.  Ok fine, but I still want the server shutdown during my vacation, I'll run the parity check later.  Problem is, now I can't get into the GUI or Unmenu.


I get back from vacation and I have the same problem.  Boot, get into gui/unmenu, see parity check in progress, few minutes later I can't get into the gui, or ssh, but I can still hit the console.  I try to restart unmenu via "uu", but no joy.


Reboot again, quickly get into the gui, stop the parity check, and bam, things are good for half an hour. So I do a clean reboot, wait another 30 minutes, reboot, and then manually start a parity check.  Now 30 minutes of parity check going and I can still access the server.  All seems happy happy joy joy ...


So why are we here?  Well with all that going on I am now looking very closely at the syslog to see if there are lingering problems.  Only thing is, I know there are "errors" we don't need to worry about but I can't separate the wheat from the chaff.  I have attached my current running syslog and the syslog saved after my last shutdown. 


I just want to know if there is anything still wrong.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


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