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A little help please to read my errors..

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My server has run a monthly parity check and then this has happened, is there someone who can please try make me understand what has caused these errors.


i have attached a screenshot of the web page.

i have attached a syslog of the parity check

i have attached a short smart check of the mentioned disk (i know about the 44 temperature it has always done that on that slot even with a different disk)


i am thinking after reading what i can understand, i think i might have a bad sata cable or a faulty power supply as i did run the disk through 3 preclears i am not sure if it can be faulty?


so any help would be appreciated.



thank you




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Back up you config directory. No cookie cutter solution on this one. Back up you config directory.  Try reseating cables (data and power as has been suggested). Try to pull a smart report on that drive right after rebooting and post results.

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