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won't reconnect after I reboot my router

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I have Verizon Fios and am using their router.  Every time I have to reboot my router, all my machines reconnect without a problem but my unraid system will never reconnect.  I always have to go attach a keyboard and monitor to it to get to the command line and send a powerdown command to shut it off and reboot it.


After its rebooted then it grabs its connection again and its fine but I don't get why i have to reboot it to get its connection back.


any ideas?

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I have this problem too and the solution I found was here: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=11106.msg105431#msg105431  I typed those two commands at the console (I know won't help you at work right now), the server got its new ip assigned and I was able to hit the gui and telent.


That said, you still also have to get out a KB and monitor so I think the better solution in your case, if you a rebooting the router often, is to assign a static IP.

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