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Disk1 shows 0°C temp, and 'Unformatted' after recent successful disk replacement

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Disk 1 and my parity disk show a temperature of 0°C.  Also, disk 1 is registering as 'Unformatted'(Screenshot attached).


I recently successfully replaced disk 1 in my UnRAID server.  I ran the WD tools on the disk I replaced, and it was not bad.  The attached syslog shows temp errors and read errors.  I probably have heat issues.


I'm unsure how to proceed to preserve data integrity.



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I've looked at this and while the temp errors may be the cause I cannot say what the correct steps would be to make sure that DISK1 is ok. 


Disk1 appears to have had errors first from what I can tell from the log.  Then parity had problems, so parity is almost certainly bad (not the drive the bits).  We (I am working with egnever) would like to power it down to check fans, etc.  But we are not sure that a power down would not cause problems.


We e-mailed support@ as well.



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