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4.7 Stuck Unmounting

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Trying to stop the array and all of the disks are unmounting and read count is increasing, can someone take a look at my syslog and tell me whats up?




Edit: Wow unmounting took a long while, still wondering why it took so long.....

It was waiting for cache_dirs to stop.  You must have a lot for it to scan, as typically it does a scan of the disks in a few seconds.
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Yes I had that issue a few days ago. I was backing up my website on a weekly basis and well I realized I had 2years of backups and it was scanning every file. I think I was close to 450,000 or so on one drive and after some head scratching it dawned on me what it was. Needless to say I deleted 1.75years of backups and now its pretty fast. LOL


Something tells me I should start tar'n them up instead of just leaving them in folders.

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