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Yamaha RX-A3000 Flagship $1,199.95 /Free shipping (48 Hours only)


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YAMAHA RX-A3000 7.2-Channel AVENTAGE Network A/V Receiver App for iPhone or iPod Touch




-$600.00 (Promo Code EMCYTZT649)


$1,199.95 Final price with free shipping


I always believe things happen for a reason, I missing the RX-A2000 deal (excellent deal), they had a few, but never on the flagship model the 3000. So my $800 purchase just changed to a $1200 dollar one, but I guess I will never feel should I have gone for the 3000  ;)


These are all last years models, as now they are selling the RX-A3010/2010/1010 line, but not much added/upgraded. Excellent features like, changing HDMI input while the receiver is in standby, and many more.


BTW this is a 48 Hours sale, and I have seen items in this sale get removed, so dont take to much time to decide, if you need one.


I for one have a Pioneer Elite Pro111, full electric wall mount (4 memory positions), Jamo subwoofer, all in boxes waiting for me to install in my livingroom and this will join them. The rear in-wall speakers are installed, major project for me... maybe this year  ;D


"Official" Yamaha RX-A1000/RX-A2000/RX-A3000 thread




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A bit tempting for me as I need a new receiver - don't really need super high end...


But I kinda wanted Audyssey's flagship, MultEQ XT32.


you missed the newegg deal on onkyo 3008 (open boxes) for $779 shipped! xt32! I have a Denon 4311 with xt32 and it is the BEST for dual subs..

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