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  1. Running into a peculiar problem. I use teracopy so I can verify... And I've copied large ISO's before in the past, but now, on 6.6.0 I'm having all sorts of problems. I don't know if it's a HW issue or a software (driver) issue. When copying a (or many) large ISO files over my gigabit network, teracopy - before even really starting to copy, gives me an error: "Target: An unspecified network error has occurred." I've tested a copy to other machines on the same network, and it is fine. I've rebooted everything. The system log has no data posted to it in days. Hoping someone has some ideas on how to further debug. (Oh it's running on bare metal) Thank you!
  2. Thank you - but Active Streams doesn't seem to pick up on shares that are outside the array? I have a UD "share" that is actually an SMB share from another server. Just wanting to monitor that "stream" if possible. Any ideas? Not super-urgent... edit: Never mind - I used a plugin to monitor my Ethernet traffic - and that's a proxy for what I wanted...
  3. Is there a way to view / monitor active connections? Sorry - hard to read through 86 pages to find this answer
  4. Perfect. That did it. Seems to be working fine. Thanks again!!!
  5. Hey everyone. I have a media player that does not play well with Windows 10 unless I enable SMB v1, which I can do - it's just not smart. (Win 7 is fine, it appears to be some aspects of SMB3 causing the problem - and I did try disabling SMB direct... No dice) My media player can see my Unraid box fine. I was hoping to make an SMB share on my unraid box that would connect to my Win10 box and essentially just mirror / stream the data through it. I of course don't want this drive to be part of my array at all. Ideas?
  6. In disk settings my default format is XFS. Formatting now, I assume it will end up being XFS Thanks for all the help!
  7. Ok I think this is really my last question I don't quite see (and can't easily find by searching due to massive amount of information on the broad subject)... Exactly how to format the new 8TB (as XFS)... My parity is good now, new drive is not yet added. Array is stopped. I can add the drive, and start the array - but I want to make sure it will be XFS, and can't exactly tell when I will have the chance to set that. (And where) I've poked around, but am really not certain where the formatting command comes in and how to configure as XFS. Thanks
  8. Now I'm debating stopping the parity build... As that parity disk is a shingled HD... And swapping in my WD red as the new parity, pushing the shingled to be the replacement data disk instead. Thoughts?
  9. Ok so when I go to Tools:New Config... There are four options under Retain Configuration. I'm guessing I check parity and data (I have no cache) Although I'm not sure as one of my data drives is missing, I'm not sure what the next step is after I click apply. I'm being extra careful here (of course). A quick search did not show me much information (at all) on the 'Retain Configuration" setting.
  10. My 8TB is preclearing now, should wrap up tonight sometime I think. The 500GB is out of the array, all data was removed and files deleted. When you say "new config"... What do you mean exactly? My array is started, although as expected it is currently missing a disk. Parity is valid, although Unraid says my array is unprotected... (As it is missing a disk.. disk 5, not installed) Right now it WILL let me do a parity check and write corrections... Even though I am missing a disk. So that was what I was thinking I should do. Update parity, add then add the new 8TB drive. Thanks for the help...
  11. So I'm about to add an 8TB drive to my system. (Parity is already 8TB) I had a 500GB drive I moved all the data to other drives. I then removed that drive so I could put in the 8TB to do the pre-clear. The parity was valid before I removed the drive. (Well I think it was, I actually checked the parity before I deleted everything and removed the drive). Before adding the 8TB to the array officially, I think I just need to update parity... Which should essentially remove the 500GB from the array. I can then format and add (as XFS) the new 8TB?
  12. Ok so using the plugin, I get to 93% read, and it hangs for hours and hours. (Ok only did it once but not going to waste my time again) The preclear script I have installed gives me a "device is buys". It's a WD 8TB Easystore... Can someone give a nudge?
  13. Yes I already set them to 100% - the problem is that my disks in general are at 100% capacity. Not to the byte, but rounded up. I guess we'll see the next time I restart the system if I get those 8 messages. Thanks...