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My unRAID does not work : reboot of PC after boot process

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Hi all,


i went on holildays 15 days, to this days my unRAID server was working perfectly. Yesterday i wanted to restart the server and it does not work. The problem is that at the end of the boot process, the PC reboot. I plugged a HDD with Windows 7, no problem. I unplugged all the drives and the problem is the same.


I'm using version 4.7 stable.


How can i do that ?


Thanks for help.

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the PC boot on usb drive, unRAID image is downloaded, after there is a set of information that appears (HDD detection, IRQ ...), but in this process at a time, the PC reboot. I also test with another USB key with free unRAID version, it's the same problem.


Very strange. Ok apparently my computer have a problem, but how can i detect it ? i guess there is no log file.

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Run a memtest.


From the wiki

Memtest - Run the Memtest that appears on the unRAID boot screen. Most memory errors appear within a few minutes, others within a half hour of so, others may take many hours to show up. Plan on running it all night. The array will be completely down and inaccessible during this test. No memory errors are acceptable. If it takes 24 hours and produces only 1 error, you still need to replace one or more memory sticks. If you can't completely trust your memory, then you can't trust your system.


The problem is (most likely) somewhere in your hardware, the memory is the easiest place to start looking.





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Agreed, the memtest is just the easiest thing to eliminate early.


I prefer to troubleshoot without using my real data disks. If you have some old disks around to test with that makes things a little safer. I would try to see if it can boot with as much as possible uplugged, controller cards and disks. After you can boot, add the cards and disks slowly. If it works with the old disks then try with your real disks, plug just a few in and see if it will boot, then and a few at a time. It could be a bad card, drive or power supply, or something else.


Good luck

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