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Disk showing as red


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One of my disks is showing red in the management page. I've been copying files to from it no problems - not sure when it started.


I wanted to add a new disk today and Unraid wont let me. Replaced my cache the new disk and have started to copy everything on the bad disk to the new disk.



I must that I got no idea what the problem is :(


I've attached syslog for you guys to have a look.


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Something is off. In both syslogs you posted, disk1 was recognized and mounted just fine with no errors.


In the latest syslog, your cache was first not mounted but then a filesystem was created on it and it then appears to be OK now. I'm assuming that was because you had just assigned the disk you were trying to use as disk8 to the cache instead.


Try using the stock unRAID interface instead of unMENU and see what it says since there is no evidence of a disk1 issue in your syslog.



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It's odd to see that. Disk1 is still looking fine in that log too. If you read near the bottom for md1 you can see how it's recognized and mounted just like all the other disks.


All I could suggest is that you stop the array, unassign disk1, start the array, stop the array and then re-assign disk1. Then, the unRAID interface should come and say that disk1 is being replaced and have a check box to say you are sure before you hit the start. Disk1 will be rebuilt and if everything is healthy you'll get a good array again.



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